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We bring all-natural, wholesome, artisanal creations to America’s pets. We are both a social enterprise and a business. Our handcrafted creations are eco-friendly, indulgent, luxurious, and support indigenous lifestyles. Our main lines are: Barkaron® Decadent Doggie Dessert® dog macarons and Happiness Hugs® yak down doggie sweaters.

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Barkaron® Decadent Doggie Desserts®

All-natural, artisanal, super-healthy, gourmet macaron dog treats that promote health & well-being. Animal Wellness Magazine’s 2020 Product Pick & vet approved.


Barkaron Superfood Blend with Camel Cheese (16 pc gift box)

Handcrafted, epicurean superfood dog dessert. Promotes skin & coat health. Eco-friendly gift boxes are perfect gifts for holidays or other occasions.


Barkaron With Chicken (16 pc gift box)

Sustainably sourced, handcrafted dog treat promotes digestive health. Fairly-traded and beyond organic, these desserts are available in beautiful eco-friendly gift boxes made with handcrafted paper.


Barkaron With Himalayan River Trout (16 pc gift box)

Handmade, sustainably sourced dog treats promote well-being & skin and coat health. Chicken-free for those dogs that are chicken sensitive. Ideal as unique gift.


Barkaron Wellbeing Gift Box (16 pc gift box)

Variety gift box including our three flavors: Superfood Blend, Chicken, and Trout. All-natural, artisanal, super-healthy, gourmet dog desserts that promote health & well-being.


Happiness Hugs® Yak Down Doggie Sweaters – Diamond Hug

Warmer and more eco-friendly than cashmere, this luxurious doggie sweater is handmade from one of nature’s softest and warmest fibers. For dogs ≤ 25 lbs.


Happiness Hugs® Yak Down Doggie Sweaters – Sunray Hug

Featuring a handwoven pattern, this sweater is fairly traded, cozy, silky and handwoven by craftswomen. Perfect gift for dogs ≤ 25 lbs.


Happiness Hugs® Yak Down Doggie Sweaters – Karma Hug

Super soft, naturally antimicrobial yak down makes this cozy, durable, weather resistant, handmade sweater perfect for dogs ≤ 25 lbs.


Happiness Hugs® Yak Down Doggie Sweaters – Earth Line

Handcrafted from undyed yak down, these eco-friendly dog sweaters are some of our silky softest. Perfect for dogs ≤ 25 lbs.

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Our creations will enable you to differentiate with unique, artisanal, eco-friendly, all-natural gifts for your customers’ furry family members for holidays or other special occasions.

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