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At H&C, our commitment to pet health means we bring only the most innovative, highly effective and clinically proven products from veterinary to retail.

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Angels’ Eyes® is the global leader in tear stain solutions. Their innovative approach to helping overall pet eye, ear, skin & coat health from the inside is what makes them unique, while their results make them beloved by pet owners and groomers. All Angels’ Eyes products are proudly made in the USA and carry the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) quality seal. In Summer 2021, the line expanded to include Ocu-GLO™ Vision Supplement by Angels’ Eyes® and Akorn Eye Lubricant by Angels’ Eyes® to provide extended eye care solutions.

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H&C’s newest product line, bSerene™ by Scientia Pet™, is a collection of pheromone-based cat calming products – including a Calming Diffuser Plug-in Kit, Diffuser Refill, and Calming Spray – all of which deliver drug-free stress relief for cats. The bSerene™ Calming Diffuser is clinically proven* to result in a calmer cat after just seven days of use and to last 45 days (50% longer than competing brands). The bSerene™ Calming Spray is infused with catnip to attract cats to the sprayed area so pheromones can swoop in to help calm cats quickly and provide calming relief for up to 6 hours. *data on file

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A dental chew + daily supplement all in one. Each dental duo is packaged with a patented plaque-fighting ingredients and vet-recommended supplements. One treat a day is all your dog needs for healthy days and happy years.

Available in:

  • Dental + Heart Health
  • Dental + Joint Health
  • Dental + Skin Health
  • Dental + Calming
  • Dental Doubles
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The only mineral-free and pH-balanced water for cats.

Clinically proven to:

  • Increase water intake up to 48% vs. tap water
  • Reduce mineral content in the urinary tract by up to 50%

Helps reduce vet visits due to urinary infections and bladder stones.

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A vet-formulated hip and joint supplement for senior dogs, ages 7+. These once-daily soft chews provide mobility, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory support and can be used as a delicious way to mask pills.

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