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MyFamily is an Italian company that has revolutionized the concept of ID tags for pets, transforming them into beautiful objects that elicit emotion. The artisanal care applied to each product has made the brand an international success. Immediate customization of our ID tags is possible thanks to Techla, an innovative self-service engraving system. In addition, exclusive collections of collars and leashes have extended the range of products now being offered worldwide by MyFamily.

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ID Tags for Dogs

ID Tags

With over 600 designs MyFamily pet ID tags represent the goldsmith tradition of Valenza, Italy where the company is headquartered.   Eleven collections provide a variety of stylish, high-quality products that can be instantly personalized with Techla, a proprietary self-service engraver.

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Collars & Leashes

MyFamily’s collars and leashes, all designed and manufactured in Italy, come in a variety of styles and materials inspired by famous cities around the world.  Made with the highest quality materials, including leather, leatherette, and nylon, with an incredible attention to detail that include custom hardware and thoughtful features like a Tag Holder and the “Always Ready D-Ring”.

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Engraving Machines

Techla – the state of the art, self-service engraving system designed specifically for MyFamily ID tags. Completely self-contained, with an easy-to-follow User Interface and touch screen, it allows anyone to instantly engrave identification for pets and personal items like backpacks and luggage. Manufactured in Italy, Techla’s stylish profile and small footprint allows it to be placed in any retail environment, while its industrial components and 120-degree engraving tip provide jewelry quality results.

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