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Pet Supplements from Wapiti Labs! Tested for quality and assurance through the NASC. FREE Samples for new or interested customers! No synthetic ingredients. Recommended by Veterinarians, and great customer service. Wholesale pricing available for Retail and Vet Clinics. Small town company with big time results! Contact us today.

Joint and Mobility Daily Supplements

Mobility for Dogs features Elk Velvet Antler and Natural Herbs. Supports joint flexibility, normal function of the kidneys, liver and immune system for overall health.

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Senior Mobility Daily Supplements

Senior Mobility has been formulated specially for the senior dog. It contains a higher level of ginseng for added support for senior dogs.

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Chest Herbal Supplements

Naturally Supports Respiratory Function for Cats and Dogs. Recommended to help clear and expand the chest for easy breathing. #1 Selling Cat Supplement for Lungs.

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Strength Supplement

Strength with Elk Velvet Antler Naturally Maintains Strength and Peak Condition for Dogs and Cats. Great for working, hunting, agility and older/weak pets.

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GI Tract Supplements

Naturally Reduces Occasional Stomach Discomfort for Dogs and Cats. Supports Digestion and bowel health, helps maintain contentment during travel, motion sickness and tension.

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Recuperate Supplement

Naturally Supports Healthy Recovery for Dogs and Cats. Recommended to support the body’s normal inflammatory response. Supports the natural healing process.

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Cat Daily Supplements

Vital and ReVitalize for Cats support joints, kidney, liver and immune systems. ReVitalize for senior cats contains a higher level of ginseng for added support.

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Antler Chews

Wapiti Labs Antler Chews are made from ranch raised Elk. They are 100% Natural, No Preservatives or chemicals. For healthy teeth and gums.

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About Wapiti Labs

NASC Certified Pet Supplements from Wapiti Labs use organic compounds from Elk Velvet Antler and herbal ingredients. Key Product benefits for Senior Mobility products include support of the hips, joints, liver, kidneys, and immune system. Also featured products for upper respiratory, bowel health, healthy recuperation, and antler chews for Dogs.

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Keeping your Customers Pets Healthy and Happy! Wapiti produces the highest quality Elk Antler Supplements and Chews, making our supplements the most innovative you will find.

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