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Making It Better: Examining the Most Innovative Pet Products

To satisfy the ever-demanding consumer, the pet care industry is continually challenging itself to create products that are more effective, better tasting, more durable, more exciting and solve more health issues. It takes creativity, intelligence and ingenuity to achieve these [...]

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Influencer, Pedigree Cats Connect With Consumers

Pets have a special way of bringing people together, and many cats are making themselves known in society. But at the end of the day, whether it’s social media catrepreneurs or the finest pedigreed cat competing in shows, these special [...]

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  • CBD For Dogs

Pandemic Relief: CBD Awareness During COVID-19

Cannabidiol (CBD) for pets has remained one of the hottest consumer products on the market, and sales of CBD pet products has grown a whopping 946 percent in 2019, according to a 2019 report by Brightfield Group, from $32 million [...]

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